What Is a 3rd-Party Audit?

What Is a 3rd-Party Audit?

For a third-party audit of your site, Compliance Resources Inc can help. Our professionals can ensure that your construction site remains in compliance with state laws and regulations.

Environmental Inspection are complicated and a third-party audit assists you with discovering if you are in compliance so that you can reduce your risk of fine or penalty. The audit is carried out by our local office manager and acts as a third-party auditor. 

The auditor inspects and verifies that a company conforms to a standard set of requirements and continues to meet the requirements on an ongoing basis. 

When it comes to construction sites, a 3rd-party audit is performed to ensure compliance to requirements and environmental permits particularly when it comes to stormwater. 

We encourage you to employ a third-party audit company to conduct audits, manage your risk, and make informed decisions. 

Image of auditors visiting construction site for a 3rd party audit to ensure safety and compliance. Experienced auditors visiting a site to initiate a third party audit and evaluate compliance. Image of third party auditors, ensuring a smooth audit process to make your project a success.

Why an Audit Is Necessary In Texas

Texas has its own laws and regulations for construction site activities in relation to the requirements of environmental inspection. According to the Texas Pollution Elimination System, all new constructions are required to comply with stormwater discharge permits. Additionally, 3rd-party audits, reduce inaccurate reporting, help you hold your subcontractors accountable, and give you the peace of mind that your stormwater paperwork is in order. 

What Our 3rd-Party Audit Includes

Our services include these steps:

  1. Planning and preparing the audit to ensure that it meets your objectives. 
  2. Visiting your site and gathering all data required to complete their audit.
  3. Meeting with project managers and communicating with team members.
  4. Writing a thorough audit report and communicating their findings and results. 
  5. Suggesting follow-up actions should your construction not meet state standards.

Rest assured that our expert and knowledgeable third-party auditors will offer the highest-standard services. 

Reach Out to Compliance Resources Inc 

Are you currently engaged in construction activities and conducting your own inspections? As a third-party audit company we can help you understand whether you are meeting the minimum requirements for stormwater in following areas:

  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth

Compliance Resources, Inc. has the experience and the legal expertise required to perform 3rd-party audits at your site and provide you with information to make informed decisions. All our third-party auditors are highly trained with numerous years of experience inspecting construction sites. Each of our auditors has studied and understands the state of Texas’ laws. As an added bonus, Compliance Resources Inc will offer a free audit on one site for new clients. 

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