SWPPP Training Programs And Workshops

SWPPP Training Programs And Workshops

Compliance Resources, Inc. is an environmental consultant that helps companies understand and implement Texas stormwater regulations through in-depth SWPPP trainings.

Compliance Resources, Inc.. is an environmental consulting firm that offers stormwater pollution prevention plan  consultation and environmental training for owners, developers, general contractors, home builders, engineering firms, and government agencies. Stormwater training courses are a must for any company that wants to implement a SWPPP

One of the biggest barriers to construction projects is red tape, and we know that regulations can stop projects in their tracks and cause havoc to your bottom line. 

With over twenty years in the environmental compliance field, CRI knows exactly what forms you need to complete and the boxes you need to check in order to keep your project moving along. Our aim is to help you handle all your environmental compliance and regulation needs so you can spend more time focussing on your project and less time dealing with red tape.

Professionals on a construction site planning an SWPPP training to ease the construction process. Experts planning environmental training for construction team to achieve compliance with regulations Inspector providing stormwater training; a female inspector on a residential construction site.

Why Stormwater Training Courses Matter

SWPPP training helps businesses educate their employees on their stormwater control measures that are required to achieve compliance with the Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System.

There are many roles that have a seat at the stormwater table. Whether you are an Owner or Developer who needs to understand your level or risk, an Engineer who needs a refresher on permitting in a common plan of development, a builder or General Contractor who needs training on the day-to-day implementation of their SWPPP, or a government agency who has a new employee that needs an introduction to stormwater regulations, we’ve got a training for you. We offer multiple SWPPP trainings for multiple areas: 

  • SWPPP Training for Owners and Developers

This course involves reviewing statutory requirements and basic Stormwater Authorizations for construction Sites in Texas. Students will understand the roles of primary and secondary operators and their obligations in participating and managing a shared SWP3 throughout the life of a project.

  • SWPPP Training for Engineers in Training

This course will involve reviewing basic Stormwater Authorizations for Constructions Sites (Owner/Developer, General Contractor, and Home Builders) in Texas and within a common plan of development. An exercise will be conducted to visualize the TPDES permitting flow chart in a practical application that spans multiple phases of a master planned community. Students will be able to identify when a State TPDES Stormwater authorization for Construction is required.

  • SWPPP Training for Builders and General Constructors

This course is geared for Site Supervisors, Project Managers, and Home Builders. Students will learn how to implement SWPPP requirements and interpret suggested corrective actions. Students will be able to identify classifications of stormwater violations and steps to mitigate their impact. Students will be able to document reasons for non-compliance due to infeasibility.

  • SWPPP Training for Government Agencies

Ever wonder why permitting Stormwater in different areas is, well... so different? This course will examine pressures that a local jurisdiction faces from the State of Texas and why. Students will be able to identify who the primary enforcement authority is for a construction site and determine what actions that the local jurisdiction may choose to take. A local MS4 permit and Stormwater Management Program will be examined as a practical exercise.

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This is Complicated. That is Why You Need Us.

The following steps are recommended to determine your project status. So you can see that this a complicated business. And highly important to get it right, as the local, state and federal agencies can and do assess fines and penalties for storm water violations. Yet another reason why it is so important to have an established, reputable firm complete your SW3P and inspections.
Determine the size of your site (include all offsite spoils or staging areas.) If your site is one acre or more, you will need a Storm Water pollution Prevention Plan.
Develop a Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SW3P). Implement the SW3P and update as work progresses.
Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) prior to beginning construction.
Post a copy of the Construction Site Notice (CSN) near the entrance to the site.
Complete the site inspections at least once every 7 days OR at least once every 14 days AND after a rain event of 1/2" or more.
Maintain your erosion controls and correct problems within 7 days; document actions taken.
Terminate your permit coverage by submitting a Notice of Termination (NOT) within 30 days.
Maintain copies of all records associated with the storm water permit, SW3Ps and inspections for at least 3 years after your NOT is filed.

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