Tailored Solutions to Your Stormwater Management Issues

Tailored Solutions to Your Stormwater Management Issues

Compliance with stormwater management rules and regulations can be daunting and overwhelming. Luckily, CRI has years of experience handling compliance issues, and we're here to help.

Compliance Resources, Inc.. (CRI) is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in helping our clients achieve compliance in every aspect of their stormwater management. With years of experience in stormwater projects of any size and local ordinances, our goal is to take care of every aspect of stormwater management so you can forget about the details and focus on your project.

Services We Offer

CRI offers a myriad of stormwater services and solutions to help clients with all their compliance needs. From Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Stormwater Maps, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and more, we’re here to help you handle the details so you can focus less on paperwork and more on your project.

Experienced professionals providing environmental services to help you achieve compliance. An image of expert professionals planning a stormwater management plan; water storage can be seen. Inspectors checking stormwater management and providing SWPPP services to ensure a project's success

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)

Preparing an SWPPP is one of the most fundamental steps to obtaining authorization under the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Permit. Authorization is required for any construction projects that will disturb over 1 acre of land and some projects that will disturb less than an acre. 

To obtain authorization under the TPDES permit, businesses must first submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) which certifies they have prepared a SWPPP, and detail the nature of the pollutants they will discharge, along with the names of the waters and systems into which those pollutants will be discharged.

Once an individual prepares their SWPPP, they can then submit an NOI through the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS) in order to obtain their TPDES authorization. And while this process may seem complicated and cumbersome, CRI provides environmental services and consulting that makes compliance easy.

Stormwater Maps

Stormwater maps are a visual representation of stormwater runoff and its impact on the surrounding area. Our inspectors update your map each week while on site and deliver a digital copy of the map to your team for real time use in the field. 

Erosion And Sediment Control Plans

Erosion and sediment control plans are offered by an environmental services company that provides a plan to mitigate the environmental damage which often takes place due to sediment and erosion at construction sites and, depending on the industry, which result from ongoing processes.

CRI: The Stormwater Management Experts

Compliance Resources, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the right environmental solutions for your project. CRI is fully equipped and able to write SWPPPs to cover your Texas stormwater solution needs:

  • Austin
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth

Give us a call at (888) CRI-SW3P | (888) 274-7937 and speak with a stormwater management expert today!

Free Audit on One Site

Free Audit on One Site

Are you confused by complicated stormwater permit requirements and regulations? Contact us today, and we’ll not only give reliable answers to your questions but also schedule a free on-site audit.
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This is Complicated. That is Why You Need Us.

The following steps are recommended to determine your project status. So you can see that this a complicated business. And highly important to get it right, as the local, state and federal agencies can and do assess fines and penalties for storm water violations. Yet another reason why it is so important to have an established, reputable firm complete your SW3P and inspections.
Determine the size of your site (include all offsite spoils or staging areas.) If your site is one acre or more, you will need a Storm Water pollution Prevention Plan.
Develop a Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SW3P). Implement the SW3P and update as work progresses.
Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) prior to beginning construction.
Post a copy of the Construction Site Notice (CSN) near the entrance to the site.
Complete the site inspections at least once every 7 days OR at least once every 14 days AND after a rain event of 1/2" or more.
Maintain your erosion controls and correct problems within 7 days; document actions taken.
Terminate your permit coverage by submitting a Notice of Termination (NOT) within 30 days.
Maintain copies of all records associated with the storm water permit, SW3Ps and inspections for at least 3 years after your NOT is filed.

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Are you confused by complicated stormwater permit requirements and regulations? Contact us today, and we’ll not only give reliable answers to your questions but also schedule a free on-site audit. All you need to do is fill out the form below, and our specialist will get back to you shortly.

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