CRI Texas Environmental Permitting

CRI Texas Environmental Permitting

Navigating complex bureaucracies and complicated red tape to receive environmental permits wastes valuable time and resources. CRI is here to help you get it done fast.

Compliance Resource Inc is one of the most trusted environmental consulting firms in Texas. We help businesses identify environmental risk reduction and mitigation scenarios through planning, knowledge, and experience.

If years of experience has taught us anything, it’s that red tape can derail even the most ambitious project. We’ve learned how to prepare stormwater permits that  businesses need based on how they’ll be operating, and we know exactly when and how to gain authorization.

With environmental permitting consultants, such as CRI, you can spend less time worrying about whether you’ve done your stormwater permitting correctly and more time doing what you excel at which is delivering your projects on time and under budget. CRI provides guidance on setting up your STEERS account and prepares your notices to TCEQ on your behalf. 

Compliance Resources, Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients navigate red tape with ease and obtain the permits they need so they can save time, save resources, and focus on their tasks at hand.

Environmental Permitting That We Handle

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of the various permits we handle, below is a concise list of the most common environmental permits we help our clients with.

Stormwater Permitting

Your construction project may require that a fee is paid directly to the State. CRI can assist with determining whether your project needs this fee which is accomplished with a Notice of Intent. Changes to the scope of your project may require that you inform the State through a Notice of Change. Upon completion of your scope of work or the completion of the project, you will need to inform the State that you are complete which is done through a Notice of Termination. 

Notices Of Intent (NOI)

A legal document that informs the State of Texas that you would like to request coverage under the Texas Construction General Permit and you agree to to comply with the conditions.

Notices Of Change (NOC)

A legal document that informs the State of Texas that pertinent information on your NOI has changed. 

Notices Of Termination (NOT)

A legal document that informs the State of Texas that you request termination of coverage under the Texas Construction General Permit. 

STEERS Account Assistance

STEERS is the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System. This online system is where individuals go to digitally sign their Notices to the State of Texas. Individuals who are required to file a notice must request and obtain a STEERS account. 

Other Stormwater Permitting

Depending on your project and location, you may require additional stormwater and environmental permitting. 

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Environmental Permits?

Well, that all depends on the jurisdiction you’re in, but the results are never good. They range from Class C misdemeanors to hefty fines to jail time. 

Do yourself, and your client a favor. Call in the expert environmental permitting consultants at Compliance Resources, Inc. and let us handle the red tape so you can focus on your project without fearing any legal repercussions.

Receive A Free On-Site Audit

Compliance Resources, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to help you in Texas:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • San Antonio

We also offer a free audit on site, so give us a call today at (888) CRI-SW3P | (888) 274-7937 and let’s get started!

More Than 100 Counties in Texas Trust Us

It doesn't matter where your construction site is, our team will help you obtain a stormwater permit specific to your county, saving you a ton of time and regulating your construction works at the legislative level.

CRI can help with the issuance of, as well as help navigate MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer) regulation throughout Texas.

Get Advice on My County
  • Currently, only the City of Georgetown requires a local SWP3 permit in addition to State Authorization. Both Round Rock and Georgetown require that the SWP3 is submitted for review prior to the pre-construction meeting.

  • Travis County requires that a SWP3 Summary form is completed prior to construction. Both the City of Austin and Travis County require that the stormwater inspector is Certified.

  • Hays county follows the State of Texas guidelines and regulations. The City of San Marcos (ETJ) requires that the stormwater inspector is Certified.

  • Guadalupe MS4 Regulations

    Guadalupe county and the City of Seguin follow State of Texas guidelines and regulations. There are no additional stormwater permits required.

  • Bexar county requires a separate permit fee in addition to the State of Texas Permit. Local cities in the area do not require an additional permit. Bexar County, the city of San Antonio, and even some HOAs require that the inspector is a certified inspector.

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