Helping You Prepare TCEQ Steers Submissions Accurately and Timely

Helping You Prepare TCEQ Steers Submissions Accurately and Timely

Compliance Resources has over 10 years of experience in offering expert environmental consultancy to construction companies and assistance in managing their TCEQ STEERS accounts.

Beginning in September 2018, all environmental permitting in Texas must be submitted through TCEQ STEERS (State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting Systems). Construction companies must create an account on this platform and submit all their reports and permit applications in electronic form.

All new TCEQ STEERS accounts have a limited access until the applicant submits a signed electronic STEERS Participation Agreement to TCEQ. Except for creating your account, which only the applicant can perform, a specialized consulting company can help you manage your account and prepare each STEERS submission accurately.

The Importance of Filing TCEQ STEERS Documents Correctly

Your business activity in construction is subject to various regulations, including obtaining various environmental permits. Once you have created and validated your TCEQ STEERS account, we can offer step by step assistance for STEERS notice preparation. 

From the Notice of Intent to the Notice of Termination, we will ensure that every document is:

  • In the standard format required by TCEQ
  • Prepared with maximum accuracy and free of errors
  • Submitted on time.

Reasons to Hire TCEQ STEERS Assistance Specialists

Every error you may make in setting up your STEERS account, and submitting a stormwater notice translates into delays in getting your construction project started. Until you obtain these permits, you may face a fine or penalty from the local or state government.

Certified and experienced consultants can guide though setting up your TCEQ STEERS account correctly. After validation, you can entrust them with the management of STEERS notice submissions.

We Are Your Reliable STEERS Consultants

Compliance Resources Inc. has over 10 years of experience as certified environmental consultants, specializing in the construction industry. We are based in Georgetown, TX and can manage TCEQ STEERS accounts for companies located throughout Texas and these major areas:

  • Austin
  • Corpus Christi
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas

We will also audit one site for free for every new client. Call us at 888-274-7937!

Free Audit on One Site

Free Audit on One Site

Are you confused by complicated stormwater permit requirements and regulations? Contact us today, and we’ll not only give reliable answers to your questions but also schedule a free on-site audit.
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This is Complicated. That is Why You Need Us.

The following steps are recommended to determine your project status. So you can see that this a complicated business. And highly important to get it right, as the local, state and federal agencies can and do assess fines and penalties for storm water violations. Yet another reason why it is so important to have an established, reputable firm complete your SW3P and inspections.
Determine the size of your site (include all offsite spoils or staging areas.) If your site is one acre or more, you will need a Storm Water pollution Prevention Plan.
Develop a Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SW3P). Implement the SW3P and update as work progresses.
Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) prior to beginning construction.
Post a copy of the Construction Site Notice (CSN) near the entrance to the site.
Complete the site inspections at least once every 7 days OR at least once every 14 days AND after a rain event of 1/2" or more.
Maintain your erosion controls and correct problems within 7 days; document actions taken.
Terminate your permit coverage by submitting a Notice of Termination (NOT) within 30 days.
Maintain copies of all records associated with the storm water permit, SW3Ps and inspections for at least 3 years after your NOT is filed.

Have Any Questions? Contact Us Today!

Are you confused by complicated stormwater permit requirements and regulations? Contact us today, and we’ll not only give reliable answers to your questions but also schedule a free on-site audit. All you need to do is fill out the form below, and our specialist will get back to you shortly.

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